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Meet The Team

Our Story

Awakening To Revival International Ministry was founded and established by Daniel & Rachel Emerson. Daniel and Rachel Emerson are apostolic and prophetic leaders that look to fulfill their call and mandate to build up a company of believers in biblical sonship, apostolic leadership and the prophetic anointing to mobilize and impact the nations of the world.


Together they have gone onto to serve and raise up many in their Online School of Ministry known as The Harvest Center Institute to walk out their purpose and mandate for reformation in the church and revival within world. They are contenders for Kingdom of God and the billion soul harvest that is upon us. They look to reform, awake, outpour and revive within the nations of the world to see it prophetically come to pass. 

THeir Vision

Called to reformation within the church, they also aim to contribute to local communities by launching Harvest Center Institute of America and eventually Harvest Center International Institute that would build and birth a company of Kingdom community leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, pioneers and reformers to bring true revival to the nations. Their heart is for the broken, homeless  and addicted who need a safe haven to start over, grow and advance their life vision and purpose to God. From personal development to personal ministry and business, they look to transform the hearts of many to raise up a unwavering army of believers to fulfill their vision, purpose and destiny. 

Our Clients

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