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"Incubation is over!"

By Rachel Emerson

Prophetic Word

“Incubation is over”


In prayer this morning the Lord impressed upon my spirit that many have been “incubating.” I saw this period of time was over a 3 year span. This incubation time, is now OVER! There is an unveiling and a bringing forth. This is an appointed time and season for many.

During this incubation time there has been shifting, realignments, a cutting away and many trials. However the Lord has kept you encapsulated, protected. This was to develop you. It was a developing gradually over time for such a time as this. For even this season ahead. He has been urging you, inspiring you, bringing you out and STIRRING YOU UP.

I see many lined up and rings placed on their fingers. New robes draped over them. New staffs in their hands. Crowns placed upon their heads…

I HEAR “LEADERS AMONG LEADERS BIRTHED for this time and era.” A RISE of KINGS in the land that will pioneer a move that will be unorthodoxy and revolutionary to the modern day CHURCH of America.

The SAULS will fall and the DAVIDS WILL RISE! For David was a man after Gods heart—so the DAVIDS of this HOUR WILL BE.




THE True Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelist and pastors that have been in incubation are now arising from a season of preparation! Here they come.

“Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. ”Psalms 2:8 NKJV

I hear the sound of an end time army marching and the sound is like a thunderous roar!

There will be great and magnificent display of Gods power and there will be ramifications for those who continue to lay in sleep!

The incubation season has ended!

Prophetic Art by: Mindie Oaten

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