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Prophetic Ministry & Spiritual Mentoring: July 18th, 2022



After crossing the Jordan River, the people of Israel camped at a place called Gilgal on the east bank near the city of Jericho. Gilgal was their base camp during the invasion of the Promised Land. The women, children, and flocks remained there while the men went forth to battle.

Gilgal became a place of spiritual significance because it is where Israel prepared for the conquest of their Promised Land (Joshua 4). Samuel included it in his ministry circuit (1 Samuel 7:16) and there was a school of the prophets located at Gilgal during the time of Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2:1-2).

The people of Israel were prepared physically to take their land--they had walked through the wilderness for forty years, so they were in good physical shape. They were prepared materially, as they still carried with them the wealth of Egypt which their ancestors had taken when they left that land years previously.

The people were also prepared mentally--the new generation was saying "we are able" instead of doubting, disobeying, and retreating in despair.

Although this new generation of Israelites had learned many lessons during their fortyyear wilderness trek, they needed spiritual preparation that would enable them to fulfill their destiny.

Often, when God gives us a spiritual vision, we rush right in to try to fulfill it and find ourselves ill-prepared. There is always a time of spiritual preparation prior to the fulfillment of destiny:

  • Noah prepared an ark before rain had ever fallen upon the earth.

  • -Joseph prepared during seven good years for the lean times to come.

  • -Moses prepared for his destiny for forty years in the desert.

  • -The disciples tarried in Jerusalem until baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • -The Apostle Paul retreated into solitude in Arabia to prepare for his ministry.

Just because God gives you a vision does not mean it will be fulfilled today, tomorrow, next week, or next year. Achieving divine destiny requires preparation. Sometimes extensive preparation, and often lengthy.

Four spiritual events occurred at Gilgal to prepare Israel to fulfill their destiny. These events are natural examples of spiritual truths which will prepare you to claim your own spiritual inheritance. We will meditate on these during the next few days.

Senior Leader - ATR Global Ministries, Daniel Emerson.

Daniel has a unique grace mix of an apostle, prophet, and evangelist. I believe this is the prototype that the Lord is using and emerging in this hour in the prophetic. Daniel reminds me of John the Baptist. The Lord has fashioned and formed him in the secret place, which has enabled him to become one of the emerging voices crying out, “Prepare the way of the Lord!

Daniel not only has a heart for the prophetic, but also to help build and equip the Body of Christ. Daniel has tirelessly spent hours forming curriculum for podcasts, teachings, schools of the prophetic, and so forth. His heart is to see the Body of Christ mature and walk in the destiny God has for His Church. At the heart of it all, Daniel has a passion for souls and the end the harvest. As a voice in his life, it’s been a pleasure and joy to watch Daniel emerge and begin to impact what God has called him to. - Prophet Madeline James



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