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In writing to believers who were distressed because of the tremendous trials they were experiencing, the Apostle Peter commanded, “Gird up the loins of your mind…” (1 Peter 1:13). In essence, he was telling them to prepare their minds for aggressive action, to strengthen their minds for the battles they were facing.

The first piece of armor the Roman soldier put on as he prepared for battle was his belt. The belt was a very significant part of the armor as it was tied around the soldier’s waist to gather in the short tunic which he wore, keep the breastplate in place, and hold his sword. The soldier’s belt strengthened his loins and enabled him to fasten his armor securely, making him prepared to fight. To tighten or gird up the belt indicated a soldier was ready for action. To loosen or slacken the belt was a sign that he was off duty. It is time for you to prepare for the battle by “girding up” and strengthening the loins of your mind. If you fail to do this, you are not going to be able to walk in the victory God has planned for you. The loins refer to the chief area of bodily strength. The entire body is connected to the loins. If the loins fail, the whole body fails. The "loins" you are to gird up for battle spiritually are your heart and mind–your innermost man–the center of your existence from where all the issues of life flow forth.

If your heart and mind is strong and disciplined, if you know God’s Word and your thoughts are constantly being brought into obedience to Christ--then you will be strong and courageous during times of great trial, temptation, or attack by the enemy.

If you have a passive mind, you are an easy target for Satan. When your mind is in a state of passivity, your spiritual senses are dulled. You are vulnerable to every attack-- deception, fear, temptation, oppression, depression--and eventually you will lose control of your thought life. It is time for you to rise up, to march forward in new strength with a one-hundred percent victorious mind. You must not be intimidated by the power of the enemy. You must not be fearful or cowardly. You must face the enemy with renewed spiritual aggressiveness and a determination to defeat him in every area of your life. As you go out into the world today, gird up the loins of your heart and mind. Do not let your spiritual senses become dull. Be ready to face the attacks of the enemy.

Strengthen your loins before you enter the battlefield!

Decree over yourself today:

  • I resist and stand my ground in the evil day of danger.

  • I stand firm – in place – fully prepared and I am immovable and victorious in Jesus name.

  • My loins are girt about with truth—I have tightened the wide band of truth around my waist in Jesus name.

  • When I gird my loins with truth, I have put the truth in my spirit.

  • I have the truth of God’s Word girded and firmly positioned—rooted in my inner spirit (loins).

  • I can now freely move out on any situation in Jesus name.

  • Out of my loins—my inner spirit—or my belly shall flow rivers of living water (John 7:38).

  • The living water of the Holy Spirit shall flow out of me.

  • The newness of life through Jesus has manifested truth in my inner spirit.

  • Therefore, the new birth has taken place in my inner spirit, and it has regenerated my old nature into a new nature in Christ.

  • My inner spirit radiates with the truth of Christ and His Word.

  • In warfare, He keeps me from the ploys or tricks of the enemy.

  • As a result, I can recognize deception and can stand against the adversary’s subtle devices.

  • Girding my loins with truth holds the rest of my armor into place, which shields me from the onslaught attacks of the adversary!

Senior Leader,
Prophet Rachel Emerson
ATR Global Ministries


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