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PROPHETIC workshop


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Workshop Topic
The Revelation Gifts



The category of “The revelation gifts,” are a subgroup of three of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. These three gifts of revelation are: word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the distinguishing of spirits. In these three revelation gifts, God reveals information to a person that comes from outside the bounds of that person natural processes. It is information that their mind did not conceive, ears did not hear, and eyes did not see. I will teach on each gift, how they operate, share examples from the bible and my own experiences with the gifts of revelation. Come learn more about the revelatory gifts in this equipping workshop. 

Teaching points: 
-What are the revelation gifts?
-the gifts described/function
-biblical examples of the gifts
-prayer & activation

Bonus PDF Guide: 

I will also have a short PDF typed for them. like bullet points and some scripture too

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